Choose wisely, what information you take in, what food you consume & who you hang out with.

choose wisely what information you take in, what food you consume & who you hang out with
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I conserve my energy as if it was money. Protect it like it as if it is a fragile piece of glass art. Coz for me it is more valuable than money or anything measurable. My energy is what gives me the power to create abundance. May it be wealth, value, impact, revolutionary ideas, to produce transformative content, products & services; and of all above all to serve.

So I monitor my intake. The food & information I consume. I do NOT watch tv, the news, spend hours scrolling down social media feeds, engage in conversations that do not make me grow or spend time enslaved by technology in a constant state of over stimulation that I do not even recognize my own intuition.

This does not mean that I never unwind and watch something on Netflix with my partner over some high quality food (coz you are what you eat) and an occasional glass of red wine. It is just as I explained, occasional. Scheduled. Monitored.

After the death of my brother I spent a lot of time in contemplation. Mostly on mortality and the limited time we have on earth. It made me realize how precious our time is and that every second is a gift. This very moment is all we have to elevate ourselves and live our best lives. So what you choose do and be, in each and every moment dictates the overall quality of your life. So each moment is EXTREMELY precious to me. It’s MY moment to shine my light, break social norms, provoke thinking and create transformation, be a positive impact and be who I am meant to be.

So my energy is everything to me. I don’t let it leak on screens, social media, video games or depthless conversations.

I limit my consumption to inspiring pod casts, books, audio books, online material & experiences. I feed myself with cutting edge information and influence myself with world class role models, who constantly elevate my thinking and help set the highest goals and standards.

If you are what you eat, then you definitely are the information you consume as well. My friends are women of high ambition, integrity and standards. Our conversations are mostly about business, growth, strategy, spirituality, self-care and newly learnt information. We teach each other tools and techniques that help us refine ourselves. We empower each other with love, support and inspiration.

So choose wisely. What information you take in, what food you consume & who you hang out with. This could be the one thing that keeps you from becoming the super achiever you are meant to be. So observe, monitor and commit to becoming a vessel of goodness, compassion, success & abundance.

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