90 Day Mass Gainer Program


Weight Training
Creates a Functional Body
Meal Plan
Rests your Metabolism

You receive 3 main components, training program, meal plan, guidelines.

  1. The training program combines weight training, steady state cardio and other types of movements in order to help you develop a strong foundation for making sustainable fitness changes and building the best physique possible.
  2. The meal plan is meant to help you make a lifestyle change rather than following a “diet” that does not teach you how to curb cravings, to structure your macros, how to strategically incorporate refeeds etc. the food suggestions are all about nutrition and are meant to help you fuel the muscle growth or fat loss.
  3. The guidelines will give you an understanding about healthy supplementation, the dos & don’ts.

The changes and results will spill over, enriching and elevating the quality of your work, relationships, confidence & sense of self. Teaching physical effort, mental discipline, and emotional intelligence that will help you navigate through any situation, and help you find peace in any level of chaos.

A lot of programs especially specific to women rarely address mass gaining or putting on size and lean muscle on your structure. Most programs focus on fat loss, but this 90day program will help you put on healthy weight, without gaining huge amounts of fat in the process.


It teaches you

  • How to structure your meals.
  • Principles of bulking.
  • How to manipulate food to gain weight.
  • How to fuel muscle growth with food.
  • Training, tempo, form.
  • Refeeding.
  • Rest & recovery.
  • How to bounce back into routine if you fall off the wagon.

There was a time I used to give refunds, not anymore. I will tell you the reason. Over the website and Instagram you can see so many people who got benefited from my training. They put the effort and you need to do the same. Its not for people who are not serious and looking for a quick fix. When you join the training you need to make that 100% commitment. And there is no going back.

90 Day Mass Gainer Program
Connects you to your true potential


- Online based program designed to help you put on healthy weight

- Includes training program, meal plan, guidelines

- Will help you gain understanding on how to manipulate food to gain weight

- Gives you an understanding of Training, form & tempo

- WhatsApp support

90 Day Mass Gainer Program

The perfect program for those looking to shed fat, sculpt their body, become stronger, more agile and functional, while learning how to implement food as a healthy tool to get to their goals.

Success Stories



I think migrating and living in a strange country (back then) and the not having close relations and friends (mental & social health) lead a huge part in my weight gain. Social anxiety of getting outside and eating whatever I think I should eat was a constant struggle. I tried back then too but haven’t had guts. Then when I see your client stories I realised I wasn’t the only one ☝🏻 So I thought if they can why can’t I ? I’m a normal human being like them too. Like other woman I had bad days and I had good days. One thing I do every morning is thinking that “ I choose my mood today “ trust me it makes a huge difference in your life”

Shashi Fernando

I was so depressed and food was my comfort. For any problem I would resort to over eating. I would eat 1 whole tub of ice cream in one go. I was 86kg at this point (the biggest I’ve ever been). I hated everything about me. Getting through everyday was a constant struggle. And after a really really long time I’m in a good place mentally and physically. I’m healthy and positive. The journey will continue but to see how far I’ve come is just the biggest reward. I just wanted to share this with you because you inspire me everyday and you’ve helped me gain so much knowledge and understanding about my body. So thank you. 

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